Vardenafil Dosage

Not sure which Vardenafil Dosage is right for you? Of course you know Vardenafil is the active ingredient in Levitra and probably you also know that 20mg of Vardenafil is the dosage found in Levitra Brand.

However with other versions of Levitra / Vardenafil available, also different strengths (dosage ) of Vardenafil came to the market for people which need LESS Vardenafil and people who need MORE Vardenafil.

For example, let’s take Generic Levitra is available in 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 60mg Vardenafil.

Levitra Super Active is available only in 20mg Vardenafil dosage.

Vardenafil Pills are available in various dosage: 10mg, 20mg and 40mg Vardenafil.

Professional Levitra is also only available in 20mg Vardenafil.

Problems with swallowing pills and prefer an oral jelly ? Then Levitra is also available in Levitra Oral Jelly with 20mg of Vardenafil.

How often to take Levitra / Vardenafil?

Of course this varies from person-to-person, however there are some rules of thumb. Generally speaking, Vardenafil 20mg works about 6 hours and in some people 4 hours and in some 8 hours. So normally one Levitra 20mg or Vardenafil 20mg should be enough per day. if you want to have “marathon sex” all day or all weekend, Cialis is the better alternative!

Levitra Vardenafil is available in several kind of pills with different dosage (20mg, 40mg, 10mg and 60mg). Normally 1 pill/tablets/oral jelly per day should be sufficient for 8 hours of sex! An online pharmacy is an efficient way to order Vardenafil or Levitra for a cheap price! Buy Levitra online !!!

What is the active ingredient in Levitra?

Levitra is an erectile dysfunction treatment made by Bayer Pharma in Germany. The active ingredient in Levitra is Vardenafil – the Vardenafil makes that men regain their ability to get, keep and maintain a long hard erection while having sex. Levitra is the competitor of other impotence treatment as: Viagra , Cialis and Kamagra. Some people swear with Levitra and this is probably because of the quality, the magic which does Vardenafil. They don’t say for nothing, “Quality comes from Germany”.

Levitra Pills
Levitra Pills

At the moment, the patent on Levitra is expired and so other drug companies now produce a generic variant of Levitra, naked Generic Levitra. This pill is exactly the same as the brand version Levitra, however the price is much cheaper! Sometimes up to 500%. So if you want to pay the high price, you can and should do this, however if you want to save money then you are much better off buying the generic Levitra or also named Vardenafil pill. Find good price Levitra Pills here…